Nerium BioTechnology Inc.

NeriumAD® Age-Defying Treatment was formulated after more than 10 years of scientific research and clinical testing by scientists and medical professionals for Nerium SkinCare. The safety of NAE-8, the Nerium oleander extract in NeriumAD, has been tested, documented, and confirmed throughout every phase of product testing. With the primary goal of product safety and quality, Nerium SkinCare has taken great care with respect to the safety of their flagship product, NeriumAD.

With the identification of potential topical applications from research on Nerium oleander extracts, Nerium SkinCare contracted with ST&T Research to provide additional research and a series of clinical trials for safety and efficacy over a five-year period (2008-2012). In each clinical trial, safety parameters were set to assess efficacy and evidence of any adverse reactions, which included detailed studies of the product's key ingredients to determine if there was absorption through the skin barrier into the blood. The study protocols compared baseline and weekly testing of study participants utilizing an extremely powerful LC/MS/MS analytical instrumentation (capable of detecting nano-gram sized concentrations), which generated data that confirmed no detectable levels of the ingredients were found in the blood. The ST&T clinical data from the NeriumAD clinical trial confirmed safety.

As confirmation of ST&T data and results, Nerium SkinCare provided these findings, along with other data from world literature, to an independent group of M.D. and Ph.D pharmacologists and toxicologists to review the literature and all clinical data on Nerium oleander and NeriumAD The determination of this group is that NeriumAD is safe. Nerium International is committed to continued quality and safety of all ingredients used in our products. We are so confident in our high-performance skincare, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee to all of our customers. We know you will enjoy your Nerium Experience!

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